Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Lent

Do you have ideas for tasty, easy meat-free meals?

It is now clear that meat production is making an important contribution to climate change, and one thing we can all do to reduce its impact is eat less meat. Lent is traditionally a time when Christians give up eating meat, and the Deanery Eco-group wants to help people change their eating habits to include less meat by collecting and publishing ideas for tasty meat free meals for people to try during Lent. 

These may be vegetarian or vegan recipes or just a cooking idea – for example did you know that custard made with custard powder actually tastes better if you use soya milk instead of ordinary milk?

So that we can organise and make them available in time for Lent please send your ideas to as soon as possible, and by 14th February at the latest.  

Peter D Toon