Vicars & Rectors of St Stephen’s Church, Hackington

The Church was part of the ancient possessions of the See of Canterbury until A.D. 1227, in which year Stephen Langton Archbishop of Canterbury appropriated it to the Archdeaconary his brother Simon being then Archdeacon. The benefice has been in the gift of the Archdeacon of Canterbury from that date to the present day.

Year of InstitutionNameYear died / resignedNotes
Gilbertd. 1282
1282John of Elmstede
1284Adam of Reygate
1311William of Wells
1333John of Byweston
John of Bereford

d. 1365
1365William Cookd. 1365
1366Simon of Braighton
Peter Crasfield
1417Thomas MoomeAfterwards Provost of Wingham
1420Walter Trethewyr.
1423Hugh Gaynesburgh
William Daventre

r. 1427
1427John Gowerd. 1457
1457John Creekd. 1462
1462William Swaldale M.A.r. 1471
1471John Deved. 1473Burried in the Nave where a brass to his memory remains
1473Simon Hoigges or Hogges, L.L.B.d. 1490Also Rector of Great Mongeham
1490Thomas Cottebury
John Roo

d. 1522
The Chancel Screen was erected during his Incumbency by Archdeacon William Wareham
1522John Harysond. 1545
1545William Lottedeprived 1557
1557Thomas Nicholles
1568Richard Costed. 1594Also Minor Canon of the Cathedral
1594Valentine Mayd. 1604
1604Edward Hurst S.T.B.r. 1612
1612John Tavener, M.A.d. 1615
1615James Hurst, M.A.
1642John Goff, D.D.Also Rector of Norton. He was ejected from his benefices by the Parliamentarian Party in 1646 and from that year until the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660, Richard Culmer and Robert Beak officiated in the Church.
1661William Kingd. 1682Also a Six Preacher of the Cathedral
1682John Blaickley, M.A.d. 1699
1699John Bradock, M.A.d. 1719Also Master of Eastbridge Hospital, and a Six Preacher of the Cathedral
1719Simon Hughes, M.A.Also Rector of Smarden
1728John Coppins, M.A.d. 1731
1731Thomas Leigh, M.A.r. 1733
1733Thomas Buttonshaw, M.A.r. 1734Also Rector of Brookland
1734John Bunce, L.L.B.
1787Allen Fielding, B.A.Also Master of Eastbridge Hospital, and a Six Preacher of the Cathedral
1823James Hamilton, M.A.Also a Six Preacher of the Cathedral
1840John White, M.A.d. 1879Buried in the Chancel
1878Ashton Oxendon, D.D.r. 1885Sometime Bishop of Montreal
1885Fredrick H. Hichens, M.A.r. 1906Canon of the Cathedral
1906Philip Somerville, A.K.C.r. 1920
1920Charles Stonehouse, M.A.r. 1927
1928Wilfred E. Watkinsr. 1936
1936Arthur R. Barnesr. 1960
1960Roland C. Desch, M.B.E., A.K.C.r. 1967
1967A. Edward Pearce, A.K.C.r. 1987
1987Dr Michael John Chandlerr. 1995Later Canon of Canterbury Cathedral and subsequently Dean of Ely Cathedral
1995Philip Roy Down, M.A.r. 2002Later Archdeacon of Maidstone and subsequently Archdeacon of Ashford
2003Dr Justin Lewis-Anthonyr. 2014
2015Dr Kevin Maddyr. 2023
2024Dr David Vannerley(Interim Priest-in-Charge)