New site for my writing.

I started writing regularly on my blog here at the start of lockdown, and posted quite a few reflections on that unique period as my “Diary of an Involuluntary Acolyte. ” I decided to draw that to a close a couple of months ago, and since then my writing has been focussed on exploring “Personal Pleasures”.

I started that here; however this is not really a blog, and so I have decided to move that to my website

I have posted half a dozen chapters there so far and will continue to add to it there.

The chapers can be downloaded as PDFs from there which are probably easier to read. The only drawback is that comments cannot be posted there; however since 90% of the comments I got here were spam this is not a huge problem. If anyone does want to comment on any of my writing please email me.

I will continue to post occasional thoughts on this blog when this seems the appropriate place to do so.

God Bless

Peter D Ton