Church Clock Repairs

When walking past church recently, have you noticed that the clock isn’t currently chiming?
Unfortunately the mechanism requires some repairs that are going to cost just over £1,000 – could you make a donation to enable our clock to chime again?

St Stephen’s Tower and Clock

The clock was the gift of Sir John Hales in 1730. It was originally a 30hr mechanism that required to be wound by hand daily. The steel framework is of “Bird Cage” design and unusual for the period, as British steel was not of good quality at this time. It is likely the steel was imported from Sweden in strips and then worked on by the clock maker.  In 2004 the winding was automated to provide two electric motors with epicyclical gearing to keep the clock running. The last person to wind the clock by hand was Brian Kennett on Thursday 23rd September 2004.

Any donation towards the cost of repairs will be most gratefully received – either click on the button below to donate online, or post a cheque through the Rectory letterbox made payable to St Stephen’s PCC and clearly marked for the clock.


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who made a donation towards the repair of the church clock – thanks to you all, we very quickly reached the amount required for the repairs to go ahead; hopefully it won’t be long until the Cumbrian Clock Company can get the bell ringing again on the hour!