Churchyard Development

There is a band of woodland at the far east end of the churchyard – a sort of long thin copse with a small clearing near one end. It would be an attractive peaceful place but at present access is difficult because of overgrown nettles, brambles etc. and the clearing is cut off from view by undergrowth. 

We have kindly been given the services of a professional gardener for a day on Wednesday 4th August to  do some clearing to improve access and open up the area to public view to encourage visitors and discourage antisocial behaviour. If we could have a team of volunteers to help him we could get a lot done.

If you would like to take part please email so we know how many to expect for refreshments and lunch.  Don’t worry if you can only manage a short while – it will still make a huge difference. Stout shoes, gloves and clothes which cover legs and arms are recommended; if you can bring gardening tools so much the better. 

Any queries to