Lent Appeal 2023 – Tools with a Mission

Every Sunday during the season of Lent (apart from March 19th), I will be in the Church Hall after Eucharist, with boxes and bags to collect your unwanted tools and donate them to the excellent charity Tools with a Mission. They collect the tools we no longer want and deliver them to Africans who desperately need them – a simple yet brilliant idea, which is eco-friendly to boot.

You can find a full list of what TWAM does and doesn’t want here:


By the way, their definition of tool is pretty broad – it encompasses Bibles in plain English (presumably not King James), so if you have any of those, they would also be very gratefully received.

Please get in touch with me at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} if you would like to donate tools and/or Bibles, as it will help me to get a reasonable idea of how many boxes and bags I’ll need! Please do consult the webpage mentioned above, as there is quite a list of things they don’t want. Finally, please bear in mind that I have limited storage space, so I can’t accept anything much larger than a small sewing machine or a laptop computer.

I must say I’m really looking forward to this collection – many thanks in advance for all your donations!

Eco Church Rep