Organ update – November 2014

Work is now well under way putting the pipework back into our organ. As each rank of pipes is put back into the organ, each pipe is individually tuned, and adjusted to speak clearly and quickly, and at the correct volume. This process will be repeated three or four times for each rank as the organ is put together to ensure that everything balances well and works as a coherent instrument.

So far, work has been progressing on the Great pipework and the Pedal Bourdon.

Organ installation – week 2

At the end of week 2, much of the framework is up and it’s clear to see the front of the casework beginning to look as it did before, albeit about 2 feet further forward in order to accommodate additional pipework. Much of the winding is now in place, with the larger blower alongside our original smaller one, providing ample wind to the different departments via the sets of bellows and regulators. One or two of the larger pipes have also arrived, notably pipes from the pedal Trombone rank which will be split at the rear or the organ, one half behind the Swell and the other behind the Great.

Come back next week for the next update!

Our Organ Returns! Day 1…

Finally, after being away for 10 months, our organ started to return today! The first job is to rebuild the main structure, beginning with the newly enlarged Swell on the right. The photos below show progress on day 1 (bearing in mind that the morning was spent loading, transporting, and unloading). The captions to each photo give some more information.

Organ update – July 2014

Those of you reading this who are regular worshippers at St Stephen’s, I hope you have had a chance to look at the craftsmanship in the console which is now in the north transept. Work is still progressing and the photographs below show the brand new Bassoon pipework that will go on the Swell, details of the rewirinng that is being done to the 1960s chests and some of the new chests ready to take their pipework. The build is heading towards the final assembly in the workshop before moving everything into church where the final work will be completed on site. We are so nearly there now!

Organ update – May 2014

The craftsmen at Brownes are continuing to work hard on our organ, and the photos below show how things are getting on. The console in particular is very close to being finished and will be brought to church in the next couple of weeks or so. Click on the thumbnails for full size images with a description of what is shown.

Organ update – April 2014

As you’ll be able to see from the photographs below, the console is now very nearly finished – all that remain to do is the drawstops, which are being turned by hand, so will be unique for our organ, not mass-produced!

The new pipe chests are being made, and will shortly be fitted with electro-magnets. Once this is completed, attention will turn to reassembling the instrument and voicing the pipework so that it blends together as a single musical instrument made up of many parts.

Construction of the new organ console

Visiting Browne’s today, I had the opportunity to see how the new console was coming along. It is crafted out of solid oak and consequently should outlast all of us! There are, however, a couple of items that have been included from our previous organ console – in particular the pedal board which was already very high quality and has been stripped down and refinished.

There are a few photographs below – click on the thumbnail image for the full size picture.

Organ update – February 2014

I had the opportunity to visit Browne’s workshop again today to get an update on how things were progressing. You’ll be able to see a number of things from the pictures below, in particular:

  • Repaired casework, free from any evidence of woodworm damage
  • The new plinth for the console, so that the console can be used in different positions around the church
  • Pipework cleaned, and new pipework selected

Over the next couple of weeks, the new console will be assembled and wired up. Once this is done it can be connected to the soundboards, and the pipework carefully put back in. New soundboards will need to be made for the additional pipework.